At Showpony, we create and revitalise brands using a proven methodology called Spotlight. It’s adaptable
and scalable. Engagement can be one-on-one or incorporate every tier of management, from the boardroom to the warehouse.


Spotlight has helped rejuvenate AFL clubs, reposition national financial institutions, and launch
international beer brands by providing them with
a deeper understanding of their brand promise and mapping out the actions needed to build that

promise into a reputation.

boardroom meeting with group

Showpony brainstorming session

Big or small, every job at Showpony begins with research. It can be via desktop, site visits, interviews, product testing, reviewing data, anything that will help us uncover the insight that connects our audience to our service or product benefit.


Creative strategy is all about how we amplify that connection, how we use it to drive the actions and deliver the outcomes that we want. It’s that first, essential step that shapes everything to come, from creative and production, through to media decisions.


Showpony has a long history of generating ideas
that surprise and delight consumers. Our work
has consistently been awarded here and overseas
for its originality, impact and creativity.
And creativity is the key.


But it’s not just a thing we do, it’s how we do things. Part of a process that’s taken decades to refine. Everything from taking a brief through to choosing a particular production methods is geared towards delivering exceptional creative outcomes. It’s as much about the culture of our agency as it is about the
skills of the individuals that work here.

Showpony staff reviewing work


People don’t ‘read’ anymore, they ‘watch’, so at Showpony we’ve made bringing ideas and information to life in film and online fast and effective. With our in-house teams of writers, filmmakers, animators, web developers and producers, we have instant access to all the resources we need to generate clever, beautiful digital assets.


By shortening the distance between the idea and its execution, a production that might typically take weeks can be executed in a matter of days, sometimes even hours, at Showpony. For our clients it’s the perfect model for delivering content that’s fresh, responsive and incredibly watchable.