Having planners, thinkers and makers all under the one roof helps to shorten the distance between a great idea and bringing it to life.

At Showpony, a concept shared over coffee in the morning can become a realised visual, film or digital asset by day’s end.


We create and revitalise brands using a proven methodology called ‘Spotlight’. It’s adaptable
and scalable. Engagement can be one-on-one or incorporate every tier of management, from the boardroom to the warehouse.


Spotlight has helped rejuvenate AFL clubs, reposition national financial institutions and launch international beer brands by providing them with a deeper understanding of their brand promise and mapping
out the actions needed to build that promise
into a reputation.



Every campaign, big or small, is built on insights. Showpony strategists will spend hours on desktop research, go on site visits, conduct interviews, view product testing, review existing literature and data, essentially do anything that will help us uncover the insight that connects our audience to our service or product benefit. Creative strategy is all about how we amplify that connection, how we use it to drive action and deliver our desired outcomes. It’s that first, essential step that shapes every idea.


Over the years we’ve learned that the closer clients are to the creative process, the better the outcomes. That’s why we work to deliver more ideas, sooner.

We start by thinking broadly, exploring lots of territories that leverage an insight to identify ‘creative opportunities’. Typically expressed as a few lines of copy and a visual reference, we share this top level thinking with clients in the form of a ‘tissue session’. Once we’ve collectively identified the top contender/s we go deep, exploring all the platforms, techniques and opportunities that will amplify the shortlisted ideas. For clients it means they can be confident we’re only investing in developing the ideas they’re excited about.


We make bringing ideas and information to life in film and online fast and effective. With an in-house team of writers, filmmakers, animators, web developers, producers and high-end hardware, we have instant access to all the resources we need to generate clever, beautiful digital assets.

Here, a production that might typically take weeks can be executed in a matter of days, sometimes even hours. For our clients it’s the perfect model for delivering content that’s fresh, responsive and incredibly watchable.


At Showpony, digital isn’t a siloed discipline, it’s part of our total service mix. Our team of digital strategists, producers, developers, content creators and community managers provide a complete, end-to-end digital service. Everything from website development and production, through to community management and social listening.


And it’s not just ‘what’ we do in the digital space that clients appreciate, it’s ‘how’ we do it. We like to keep things fluid. The combination of in-house resources and responsive reporting gives us the ability to evolve digital assets in line with changing

attitudes and emerging behaviours in real time.