Break the Internet

Just a few months after launch, our ‘Keep your hands off our Ambos’ campaign has already seen some incredible results.

Reaching over 2.3 million people across 13 different countries, our video has been viewed more than 800,000 times. With over 70,000 likes, comments and shares, the public has engaged with the video, not as an ad, but as a social issue.

In addition to its online success, the video was also broadcast by national news agencies and current affairs programs, and endorsed by Government leaders. Suddenly, a previously ‘unknown issue’ is being discussed at a national level.

"The most recent numbers suggest that the message might be getting through which is good news for our clinicians who provide vital treatment in the most extreme and uncertain of situations" said South Australia Ambulance Service acting chief executive, Steve Cameron.

Most importantly, in the two months following the campaign the number of violent incidents against our ambos was reduced by 37%. In the end, we didn’t just make people aware of what our Ambos go through in the line of duty, we made them care.