Does Brooke know about Chelita?

Hosier Lane is host to swarms of tourists everyday, photographing the cool and original graffiti that so famously occupies it's walls. So when we moved into the new Melbourne office above the laneway I was dumbstruck by how a graffiti artist proposed to his girlfriend. For such a hip subculture this seemed a little, well, cheesy. 


Lets face it, it's hard to imagine Banksy banging out a stencil to produce the street art equivilent of a bended knee.

So imagine my surprise when this week there was another proposal, in exactly the same place. Same cheese, but this time less original, and frankly not quite as good. I like the idea of mixing an old idea in a new medium as much as a new idea in an old medium. Mixing it up is fine but a straight out copy is flat out boring..


And then I wondered if Brooke knew about Chelita and felt that somehow her proposal was diminished for being second to market. 

Or maybe Chelita and Brooke have the same that would be awkward.