Message first, channel second...but which channel is most effective?


We've always said that there is nothing more wasteful than the right media channel filled with the wrong message. But when it comes to channel planning, Professor Mark Ritson of Melbourne Business School has some pretty good insights on what's most effective.

I think I like the way Ritson writes because if he can drop an F-bomb into a sentence to emphasise his point, he will. Not that it's funny or clever to swear, but because you can see he's passionate about his subject. So when he shared his views on Ebiquity's UK study on the most effective media in Marketing Week, he had my full attention.

The study assesses the value of different media channels for a given purpose - targeting, emotional response, salience etc - and compares it with the perceptions of marketers and advertising people. His conclusion is that marketers are clueless when it comes to media effectiveness.

An example of our collective lack of an idea is this: when it comes to increasing brand salience the evidence positions TV as the most effective media followed by newspapers. That's right, newspapers. Most marketers agree with TV but ranked newspapers 8th behind out of home, cinema, social media paid, magazines, online video and radio. 

And the surprises don't end there.

It's a good read so set aside your biases and take a look at media effectiveness here. And I did warn you about the language.