Some days are diamonds

Some days [nights] are diamonds.

Clichés exist because they’re very often incredibly apt. Yes, they’re boring and trite, predicable as a dad joke and not as funny, but they do sum up a lot of situations perfectly.

Like “winners are grinners”. 

Looking around the Adelaide Advertising and Design Club awards ceremony last night there were a lot of happy, smiling faces because their owners had won the acknowledgement of their peers. Hard work, passion, craft and persistence paying dividends with a metaphoric pat on the back for a job well done.

And happily, there were plenty of grins at the Showpony table.

Showpony had one of those glorious, fun filled, loving everyone in the room, goddam rewarding nights where the agency was covered in glory. It was great to see hard work - good work – be recognised for its excellence because the people who worked on it, really deserved it.

Parris, Andy, Jon and Showpony alumni, Nic Maumill put heart and soul into their work and the nominated ads came up smelling like roses, winning six awards, a best in category chair and the night’s major prize, the Gold Chair for best in show. It was fun to watch.

The work was for Coopers (Role of the Roll), Adelaide Zoo (Boo at the Zoo) and Adelaide Football Club (We Fly As One). The later won three awards and two chairs for Showpony and three awards and a chair for Kojo, the production company behind the beautiful film and VFX work. Kojo worked tireless on that project for months, bringing to life a concept that was incredibly complex and extraordinarily detailed. Marty Pepper and his team are a talented bunch who absolutely deserved their gongs.

So in the wrap up there were clichés aplenty including a monster hangover that is somehow softened by the sweetness of success.

Now to crack some champagne and spray it around the room!