The Age of COVID


After 20 plus years in this industry, you inevitably reach a point where you think you’ve seen it all. 

Like literally nothing can surprise you anymore. Then, yes, I’m going to use the word, an UNPRECEDENTED event occurs that turns your world upside down.

Obviously, we were all aware of the emerging pandemic, and yes there were a few local cases, but surely nothing for us to worry about, right? We’re in Rads after all. And then at 7pm on Friday the 13th of March we get called into SA Health for a briefing. And suddenly, shit got very real.


From that point ‘til right about now, we entered the most daunting, demanding, impossible, exciting, rewarding and fulfilling time of my working life.

Over the last three months, we’ve been involved in projects for almost every arm of State Government, from DPC, SA Health and SATC through to DIS, DTI and DHS. Honestly, just keeping up with all of the departmental acronyms flying around was a challenge, as in, Sorry, was it DPC or DIS or DTI or DHS or DEV that I need to call back?’. Despite so many players being involved, and new developments and challenges emerging daily, the fluid co-ordination and collaboration between Government departments was incredible.


When I look back now at our work output in terms of thinking, execution and timeliness, it seems almost impossible. As of last Friday, we’d conceived, pitched and executed no less than 13 COVID-19 related campaigns including, 35 TVC’s and radio spots, countless social posts and some amazing ambient executions. Most of it is in market right now.


I know there are still plenty of challenges ahead, but just for right now, I feel incredibly proud of everything we’ve achieved. It was a privilege to be the agency our leaders turned to when the communications would have such a profound impact on all our lives.


So, the endless zoom calls, the sleepless nights, the 12-hour, seven day working weeks, the overworked clients and harried suppliers who pulled off minor miracles daily…was it all worth it?

SA, SAFEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. Hell yeah it was.

- Parris Mesidis, Group Creative Director