We have a cow, man!

Showpony had been on the hunt for an appropriate mascot for years. 

We had a fish for a while, but it went belly up after one too many tequila shots when we were celebrating an account win. 

So when we signed a 3 year sponsorship deal with Adelaide Zoo, and they asked us if we wanted to name their newest arrival, we were excited by wary. What would it be? Could we love it if it was ugly? 

In the end all our fears were unwarranted. Just one look at that fuzzy little guy and we knew we'd found our Swifty!

After 9 years of working with the Zoo, it felt like the right time to bring our two organisations together. We think of Swifty as our love child. 

Swifty passed his quarantine with flying colours, and is now settled into his new home at the children's zoo.