In late 2012, Showpony ran a segmented marketing campaign for the State Government’s ‘Skills for All’ program.

During the planning phase for ‘Skills For All’, numerous target markets were identified. The following case study examines how each of the target groups was delivered a message specific to their needs and motivations.

After segmenting the audiences, we realised that that we needed to treat the two distinct groups as separate; we needed two campaigns.

Group A

These were people not considered disadvantaged, as they are actively participating in either employmentor study.

These individuals are looking to better themselves, secure their future, move towards better pay, improved career aspirations and better job prospects. These people would be enrolling in Certificate III and above courses that are more advanced.

Skills for All = opportunity for growth.

Group B

These are the individuals considered ‘challenged’ when it comes to employment opportunities.

Many in this group were scared to make a step like this in their life, so they’d need support. They were also cynical about government messaging and needed a reason to believe that training would help them. We also recognised that this group needed a different campaign name so that Skills for All wouldn’t be perceived by Group A as a ‘social welfare’ program.

Fresh Start = opportunity for a better life.

We let their peers do the talking. We told three real stories of Aaron, Jenny and Bec, for whom training made a significant and positive impact on their lives.

The Results?


Target enrolment increase: 17,000 in 12 months.

Result enrolment increase: 22,966 in 6 months. The 12-month target had already been exceeded by 5,996 within the first 6 months of the program launch.


121,210 visits (51% above target).

Info Line Calls

5,500 calls to the info line during the campaign (37% above target)