Skills for All



Promote vocational training in South Australia by filling an additional 17,000 training places, gaining 80,000 hits to the website and 4,000 calls to an information line.



We identified ten key market segments, all with differing motivators. We then split the campaign into two distinct groups and created two specialised campaigns to deliver
the most relevant key messages to the different groups:


One for those already actively participating in employment or study, and the other for the long term unemployed to promote a return to work through education.



Group 1: Skills for All

We presented the opportunity to grow and upskill as a way to enhance their future career. 


Group 2: Fresh Start

To combat cynicism, we let their own peers do the talking, telling real-life stories of people for whom training had made a positive difference in their lives.



In just six weeks, the twin campaign delivered a 37% increase in enrolments in vocational training. It overdelivered on every KPI and resulted in a seismic shift in the first major increase in vocational training for a five-year period:


Target enrolment increase: 17,000 in 12 months
Result: 22, 966 in 6 months


Target website hits: 80,000
Result: 121,210 (51% above target)


Target calls to info line: 4,000
Result: 5,500 (37% above target)





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