Thousands of Reasons

San Churro Chocolateria


San Churro Chocolateria had always been known as a destination for celebration. Whether it was a birthday, work promotion or simply surviving your Monday, it was a fun, relaxed place to indulge a little.

With the brand experiencing a recent decline in transactions, we needed to reverse this trend and ultimately drive new registrations to San Churro’s loyalty programme.



Given the pace and intensity of modern life, it can be easy to forget to appreciate the small things – those seemingly minor, yet crucial little wins that get us all through. 



Our campaign, dubbed ‘Thousands of Reasons’, encouraged people to recognise life’s little wins and celebrate them with San Churro.

Beginning with social, we refined our audience using our proprietary data aggregation tool Social Pulse, integrated with AI from IBM Watson to gather consumer intelligence. We then used Social Pulse to identify our consumers’ personalities and emotions, allowing us to further refine our hyper-targeted messaging.

Using AI to inform content creation, we produced over 500 messages for our tool to perform linguistic analysis and determine which were most likely to resonate with the audience. Of the 500,  48 messages were pushed to market across Google, social media, web and in-store.



With more than six times the return on investment, we reached 2.2 million people and gained 22,000 new loyalty customer registrations.