The Scribbler



Reposition and elevate the status of Yalumba’s Cabernet Shiraz blend ‘The Scribbler’ for 18-30-year-old inner-city dwellers, as well as increase trade distribution for on-premise restaurants and bars.



Yalumba was at the creative forefront of the cabernet shiraz blend, often referred to as the ‘great Australian red’. Scribbler was a prime example of the style and demonstrated Yalumba’s innovation and creativity, thus the name.



There’s no set formula for creativity, but a glass of red and a blank canvas is a great place to start. And where does this creativity manifest? As a scribble on a page. The Scribbler
represented the artistry of modern winemaking and was ‘the start of something new’.


We developed an on-premise activation to encourage venues to carry The Scribbler. A bar book was created so guests could contribute to a narrative while they waited to be seated. Tablecloths and napkins were presented as blank canvases and customers were encouraged to start scribbling.


This was supported by a Facebook promotion, where budding artists could submit photos of their ‘scribbles’ to win a creative arts course at The Uni of Sydney.



Piloted in Sydney, the number of NSW retailers carrying The Scribbler increased 69% from 283 to 479 during the campaign period. We also reversed a long-term sales decline and gained a 2% increase in on-premise distribution.


The campaign has now been rolled out nationally and extended internationally within the UK.




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