Emergency Department

ER the Showpony Way
Overcrowding in Emergency Departments is a serious issue. Patient loads during winter sometime mean that waiting times can stretch out for hours and anyone who’s spent time in an ED knows this is no picnic.

Our challenge was to tell people that they’re part of the problem, without telling them they’re part of the problem. We decided that a lighthearted approach would be the best way to get our message across and keep the public on side in the process.

Filmed at the RAH with the guys from Piper Films and 30ish extras, we had access to an entire Ward (except the medical dispensary) to get this 30 sec spot off the ground. One shot in particular required huge amounts of choreography, precision timing and Detol Hand Sanitizer. but our crew was up to the task. 

The result is an infectiously funny (yeah I went there) ad that’s getting noticed for all the right reasons. We also developed a press execution to complement the TVC which was highlighted nationally by the Newspaper Works.