Department of Human Services SA

Domestic Violence


We know that home can be an unsafe place for some. And with the need for physical distancing and self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, South Australian women and children were at an increased risk of domestic abuse. To this end, the State Government established a 24/7 website and helpline and we were tasked with naming and promoting it.


Unlike other campaigns that offer victims of abuse coping strategies and a way out, we chose to challenge the perpetrators of domestic abuse to reflect on their behaviour – to recognise that their actions are creating a cycle of abuse that has the potential to destroy the lives of those closest to them, and impact on their family for generations to come. But this confronting campaign also offers hope, a chance to be the one who breaks the cycle.


Drawn from actual accounts of victims and perpetrators, we depicted real-life domestic abuse scenarios across TV, radio, outdoor and online. Within one month of launching the campaign, thousands of people had visited the website, spending above average times on each page.


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