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Keep Your Distance


It’s a difficult time for keeping fit with gyms, wellness centres and pilates studios now closed. While we’re all working hard to help flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic, National Parks and Wildlife Service South Australia and the South Australian Tourism Commission are encouraging people to pay a visit to a nearby park, as a great way to keep physical and mental health in check.


In the interest of public health and safety, we were asked to bring the social distancing message to life in a park context. Reminding everyone that even when outdoors, surrounded by wildlife, fresh air and room to move, the 1. 5 metre rule still stands, as important as ever.


With a same day turnaround, we used a traditional park sign visual and native animals as a measurement, introducing a new, relatable social distancing language to South Australians. Distinct and unmissable, we’re helping everyone play their part and keep one kangaroo apart. We like to call it social distancing, naturally.

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SAT40418 Mental Health Distancing Animal v2_1