OTR Brand

In South Australia, it seems like there's an OTR on every corner. The largest private employer in SA, their business model is so successful that in 2023, Viva Energy announced they would acquire OTR and expand it nationally. South Australians know the brand well, but interstate the brand is entirely unknown – we had to appeal to both. We also needed to find a way to speak at an emotional level with our audience, while clearly demonstrating the brand’s retail credentials, through coffee, lunch and entertaining offerings.

But make it feel seamless. Easy, right?


Our insight - when you go to an OTR, you get everything you need. You get it seamlessly. And you get it in a warm, welcoming environment that’s just a little bit nicer than it has any right to be. So when you step out, stocked up, satisfied and ahead of the game, you feel a little bit extra, knowing you made the right choice – the smart choice. It’s a small thing – a shift in mood, a little bit of time saved – but it makes you feel different. Energized and optimistic.


So we asked ourselves – what if we could show that feeling?And that’s what we did. Enhancing real life action with eye-catching animation that celebrated the emotional payoff, we created a series of spots that are dynamic, compelling and bursting with life, showcase product occasions, and importantly, set up OTR for success in new markets.

OTR45328 Brand Hero Visual Concepts Metrolite 1010x1520_PreviewOTR_Brand_Hero_Party_1OTR_Brand_Hero_Gym_1