BreastScreen SA

Make time


For women over 40, a regular breast screen is the best way to detect cancer early. However, women are still skipping their regular breast screens. There was a clear need to get their attention. Leveraging society’s many nicknames and euphemisms for breasts, this inclusive, irreverent campaign uses familiar vernacular to deliver an important message. 


Proudly brought to life by female-led client, agency, creative and production teams, “Make time for the girls” is designed to engage and empower women, prompt conversation and encourage action. 


To extend the campaign, we surprised people with supermarket “shelf wobblers” that play off suggestive items you might find in the aisles. We also created an AR stunt that transformed South Australia’s iconic ‘Mall’s Balls’ into the ‘Mall’s Boobs’, with the simple addition of a pink bra.



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