Fantastic Snacks

Yup to the Cup


The cup noodle category is crowded... really crowded. And that was a problem for Fantastic Snacks. But rather than just stand out – our solution, own the cup, own the category.

Based around our original song ‘Yup to the cup Fantastic’ we created a campaign that spoke to our audience in their language, on their channels.

Within a week of launching on Tik Tok, our ad had reached over 2M viewers with over 110,000 likes and copycat clips appearing across other social channels.

And the campaign results – top of mind more than tripled to 22%. Unprompted awareness increased to 14% just behind category leader Maggi on 19% – huge numbers in a packed FMCG category after just one burst of activity. But the real icing on the effectiveness cake is that prompted recall of “Yup to the Cup” is at 94%.

So now when people think cup noodles, they think Fantastic.





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