Bridgestone Hands

When Bridgestone briefed us on their latest brand campaign, we came across a simple but startling fact - only the equivalent of one handprint of tread connects each of your tyres to the road. Once you know this fact, the tyres you choose become fundamental to your family’s safety. Creatively we wanted to bring this insight to life in a way that was engaging, but not alarming.

The result is a beautifully restrained ad that is unique within the category.

While much of the ad’s appeal is derived from its simplicity, the process of putting it together was surprisingly complex. We could build it with CGI or film it for real, but the one thing that we were absolutely determined to achieve was authenticity. We worked with Las Vegas-based performing artist, Cheri Haight, who played a key role in the choreography of our story and helped us understand the performance side of shadow puppetry. Adelaide animation company Resin helped us bring the ad to life, and Sean Timms composed an original tune which was performed by the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Your Life Is Riding