Yalumba Patchwork Shiraz

This is a tale of how we got to make a hot air balloon.

Showpony was briefed on creating a brand platform and consumer promotion for Patchwork Shiraz.

Positioning patchwork as the definitive expression of a full-bodied Barossa Shiraz, our campaign line was - MADE FROM BAROSSA. The balloon became our primary visual asset with an aerial view of the region showing a ‘patchwork’ of vineyards.

To ‘authenticate’ this position we developed a promotional display case that included actual soil samples form each of the vineyards used to produce Patchwork Shiraz.

And to bring Patchwork to life we gave consumers a chance to win a gourmet weekend in the Barossa culminating (here it comes) in a hot air balloon flight over the beautiful patchwork of vineyards.

As hot air ballooning is something that’s synonymous with the region, we recommended that Yalumba invest in building their own branded hot air balloon. Yalumba said yes.

The consumer promotion ran in Queensland and delivered a massive increase in sales and distributions. The campaign is now being rolled out nationally, and the hot air balloon took to the skies over The Barossa in late December.